Happy New Year Mixes

Happy New Year Mixes

Too good to trash…

Heavy (New Mix)

Goodnight Sweet Girl (New Mix)

3rd album!

Introducing: The new 3 minute wonders…

Just perfick now at 3.20…

Lose Me Woman Final Edit

Falling just a little faster now…

Always (Falling Out Of Your World) Final Edit 3.25

A lot lighter at 3.01…

Looking For Light Final Edit

No less thrilling at 3.07…

Is It The Thrill Final Edit

And drove us crazy but makes a  satisfying 3.13?

Drives Me Crazy Final Edit


From Newark-based Souvenir Records….

“New Huckster “State of Emergency” is such a great fkn album. Think 70’s meets 80’s classic pop singles. Heavenly. On Souvenir. Summer 2011″
New Album Visuals
State of Emergency
Lay Me Down 
Brand New (For You)
Catch Me If You Can Catch Me
The Sound of Her Wings
I Don’t Know What to do With Her
Run For Your Life
Sweet Bird of Youth
Bright Eyes Go Blind
Never End/Never Start
You Can Be Me When I’m Gone
We Are Heartbreak
One Below Lovers
The Single – Wild Girls
Still available  on iTunes….
More downloads?

Some other revamped treats from the back catalogue. Enjoy… x

09 The Heartbreaker Uptempo Remastered

08 Let Me In Remaster Edit

01 Blow Up Remaster Edited

02 Skirt Downtempo Remaster

03 This Girl Remastered Edit

~ by huckstermusic on April 17, 2011.

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